The Horses



Saffron, also known as Saf, is Emma’s 14.2hh, 1994 Welsh Cob mare. She joined our herd in 2001 and became herd leader. She is pair-bonded with Misty, they are often found grazing together, nose to nose.

Saf was a happy hacker until 2012, when she started schooling at the ripe age of 18. She is a very fast learner, a fantastic teacher to Emma and will do almost anything for food! She currently competes BD Prelim level, hacking 3-4 miles each way to the venue.



Raven (Lynbrie Megan Mai)

Raven is our newest addition to the herd, Claire’s 14.3hh 2009 Welsh Cob mare. She came to live with us in August 2016 so we are still very much getting to know each other. She’s quite a nervous girl, so we will be taking as long as she needs to trust us. Hoping she will take to dressage but also foresee her being a bit of an allrounder as she apparently loves to jump!



Misty Blue

Misty, or Moo, Moo Bag or Stroppy Drawers as she is commonly known, is Claire’s 13.2hh, 1989 New Forest pony. She has been in our family since 1998. She has multiple personality issues and anyone on our yard will testify to not approach her in the field. She is, however lovely to ride and trusts us enormously compared to when she arrived.

Due to her age (mid twenties) she has taken a slower approach to schooling than Saf, but is fit and well and continues to enjoy the occasional hack.



Penny Lane

Penny is our first pony, a Welsh Mountain Pony, she came into our lives in 1996. She taught the pair of us so much, and Emma, how to fall off repeatedly! She is now a happily retired matriarch of the herd, and adoptive dam to Rosie. We believe she is in her thirties, but is super active and canters up the field for her mushy feeds.




Rosie is our 2003 Shetland Pony. She stands at around 9.1hh so is a standard height Shetland, rather than the miniature type. She came along in 2009 as a companion for Penny. Rosie worships the ground Penny walks on, and Penny quite likes Rosie, though is a little more discrete about showing it. Sadly Rosie has problems with her stifles, so isn’t ridden. We are aiming to start her with in-hand work, similar to what Saffron does, in the effort to strengthen her stifles. Rosie is truly the loveliest Shetland you could meet, there isn’t a nasty bone in her body, all she wants to do is spend time with people and is highly intelligent.