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Headcollar training – almost there!

For the last couple of weekends since my last blog post, Raven has been happily having the headcollar put on over both ears. We’re so proud of her! Claire is now working on increasing the amount of time the headcollar is on, small steps.


+R Halter training with Raven

Here’s what Claire’s been getting up to with Raven. Eventually I will do a complete version but this is where we’re at at the moment. Bear in mind, originally any attempts to touch Raven’s ears were met with a shake of her head. Such an angel!

Clicker Training with Raven & Claire

Whilst Saf is recuperating, Claire has started clicker training with Raven. We feel this should work well for her given her high motivation for food and her desire to learn. Here is Raven being introduced to the clicker for the first time and learning not to mug for treats. She only gets a click and a treat when she doesn’t ask. She’s just so pleased with herself, you can just see her brain working (Raven, not Claire!) 😉