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Welcome to Dragon Dressage.

From left: Andrew (Emma’s partner & general horsey helper), Claire & Emma

I am Emma Jackman and along with my sister, Claire, we collaborate under the banner of Dragon Dressage. Let’s give you a little background. We’re not from a horsey family but were fortunate to get into riding when we were both quite young. Our ever patient and generous parents bought us Penny, whom we still have and occasionally appears in some photos when she gets the chance. Saffron and Misty (Moo) came along a few years later, lastly joined by Rosie the Shetland.

We were very happy hackers for about 10 years, neither of us doing any real schooling. In 2012 we moved the ponies up to a North Essex yard where there were lots of competitions on our doorstep, some within hacking distance. We well and truly caught the competition bug, doing ridden and in-hand showing, jumping, TREC, unaffiliated dressage as well as pleasure rides. A year later, Emma focused more on unaffiliated dressage and we both started regular lessons with our classical trainer.

In 2014, Emma and Saffron took the plunge and started competing BD (affiliated) at prelim level, and Claire did her first unaffiliated intro with Moo, alongside saving for a youngster.

As our passion for classical dressage grew, Emma began in-hand work with Saf at the start of this year. There is so much that can be achieved through this which further negates the need for gadgets. We are passionate about keeping our horses as naturally as possible, as such you will find natural horse-keeping topics interspersed with the usual dressage talk.

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate that dressage isn’t something you need a specialist-bred Warmblood to take part in. It is something we all do, every time we school our horses. You just need a willing horsey partner, whatever size or shape, oodles of dedication, and the desire to learn as much as you possibly can.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Elinor

    I love your closing comments here, on not needing any flash or an expensive horse! But plenty of dedication…
    That’s what I’m all about, too.
    Writing about “Dressage On A Dime,” and trying to have fun, and get better, without breaking the bank 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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