We’ve moved!

Hi everyone!

Sorry this blog has been a bit quiet recently. There is a good reason for it, if you bear with me. As I haven’t been riding Saf for some time, there wasn’t a lot of dressage related stuff for me to write about. Raven has been ticking over (perfect putting on her headcollar now) due to us having no lights in our field we can’t do any work with her during the week over winter.

As you may have gathered, my main interest lies in natural horse management, barefoot, track systems, natural diet etc. and I have written a number of blogs here on those subjects. I felt it wasn’t fair to you guys who started reading because this is a dressage blog. To change the name to reflect my new interests didn’t seem right so while I will keep this blog around, I’ve started a new one which concentrates on all things to do with the horses that doesn’t include riding.

If this is something you would like to read more about, I’d love you to join me over at my new blog The Pony Keepers. See you on the other side!


Emma & The Herd x


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