Lesson time!

First lesson with Max in months! I very nearly cancelled it last week as I had the worst flu ever and could barely get out of bed for 3 days. Thankfully I started to feel better on Thursday and was rudely awoken this morning by my alarm. I still wasn’t 100% but Saf was a sweetheart and looked after me. She has only been schooled once since last year so it must have been a bit of a shock for her too.

We took it easy working in walk to start, it took a while for my brain to get into gear. Eventually I managed to grasp the concept of weight aids for circles, and how I need to use my seat first and foremost, then once the shoulders are aligned with the hindlegs, I am allowed to ask for neck bend by raising my inside hand slightly. Having sorted the lateral (left and right bending of the spine and neck) and topline (raising the head and hollowing her back) evasions, Saf’s next trick is the speed evasion, in this case slowing down when she finds something difficult. This was easily remedied was some taps with the leg. She was generally up for anything really, which surprised me as she has been practically untouched by human hand for over a week and thought she’d reverted to her wild status!

Hopefully I’ll be a bit more with it next time! Thanks Claire for the photos.



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