Rugless ponies and a slightly bruised me

Absolutely bog all to report from the weekend. I managed to get slightly trampled by Saf on Thursday evening, complete freak accident where we had to pass through a corridor of electric fencing, she spooked when through the first line, then ran forward into the second line and I didn’t let go so got knocked over and trodden on a bit. Anyway, all fine, just bruised my legs, so I didn’t fancy riding this weekend as saddle + bruised inside calf didn’t sound like much fun to me. Anyway, I did do some in-hand work and had my video camera rolling, but when I’d finished I discovered the blinking camera had decided to stop recording 30 seconds in. Not been my week!

Anyway, struggling for something to post, I found this pic of Saf from this time last year. This winter we have weaned both ourselves and Saf and Moo off rugs. Moo is a New Forest Pony, so has an epic winter coat anyway. She dislikes being touched so we stopped rugging her working on the basis that she was constantly feeling hemmed in and claustraphobic when rugged. She is so much happier, and as for her coat, I’ve never seen anything like it, she’s very sheep-like! Saf tagged along as well as she could always do with losing a bit of weight over the winter, and is a real bog pony at heart. The only time I’ve had Saf pull a bit of a face is when I’ve fiddled with the front of her rug, so I wonder if it was a bit uncomfortable. All these frozen nights we’ve been having I’ve wondered and worried about them. However, they have so much hay, if you poke your fingers into their coats they’re like little furnaces and haven’t looked bothered in the slightest. The only exception is that they have their no-fill sheets on if it’s raining. Just because they have no shelter in their field and I just don’t think it is fair that they don’t have that option.

Has anyone else ditched the rugs? Leave a comment 🙂




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