How are we doing?

More in-hand at the weekend, I am learning about Saf’s centre of gravity and how to shift her weight back more onto her hindquarters. You can see me doing this at halt. The ultimate aim today is relaxation, which Saf is really getting the hang of. Head goes down to stretch the top line, which makes the horse relax anyway, then bending left and right at halt, then on the circle. Saf can get quite pushy with her hindquarters, so she’ll power along on her forehand getting more out of balance and ‘falling’ forwards. Today she was less pushy, so we could try to get a little weight back. This is very strange for her, something she’s never really had to do. The ultimate aim is to get the horse’s weight off the forehand (which is natural for the horse when grazing), and to move it further back so the hindquarters take more weight (which is far better for the horse when ridden).

Saf is now getting used to bending both sides in a nice full body bend – was really pleased with her when I saw the video. Her inside hindleg is starting to move under her centre of gravity, not 100% there yet but going the right way. The next thing will be to encourage her to shift her weight from her inside foreleg, to her outside hindleg.


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