Thoughts on self-carriage

Some thoughts on this evenings in-hand sesh. Isn’t it interesting (and very human) to want to put a horse in what is perceived to the correct position, and then hold him there? I’m not even a grabby, rein the horse in and hold him there type of rider. But with the in-hand work, I’m really having to think about ask and release and to show Saf how to do something then let her stay there by herself without having me to hold her hand all the time.

Saf was lovely and calm this evening, and I think, really enjoyed the work. She certainly looked as though the ol’ horse brain was doing some processing afterwards haha! She has a bit of trouble relaxing at the poll, and will bend her whole neck and back but stays stiff in her poll and first vertebrae, will keep chipping away bit by bit. She has been so much better about keeping out of my space since the lesson, I can’t wait for Max to get back so we can show her how well we’re doing!

Going to try to do 2 x 10 minute sessions per day, can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying having something proactive to do in the winter!


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