In-hand work continues

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been concentrating on in-hand work with Saffron, as it’s too wet to ride any where. Really enjoying it, and have been doing some of the Straightness Training by Marijke de Jong ( who breaks everything down into idiot-proof chunks, so really useful for newbies like me!


We’ve been working all week, just for 5-10 minutes at a time. Saf is a left-bended, right handed pony, so we’re doing a bit on both sides, then an extra go on the right rein. I’m so pleased that her manners have improved so much since our lesson with Max (where she was quite bolshy) and she now appears calm, and happy to be learning. We have been working on stretching the topline, so her head is lowered (thereby putting her in a more relaxing, less alert position), left and right bend at halt, then correct bend in walk on left and right circles. Really, really enjoying this, so watch out for more!



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