A year from now…

It’s January. Halfway through winter, but still feels like an uphill struggle to better weather. I am feeling so inspired by my newly discovered love of in-hand work and surprisingly motivated for January, when normally I just want to hibernate until Spring. I’ve found something productive that I can be getting on with, when normally I’d feel like Saf and I are not moving forward at all.

I am slowly (!) learning that I get out what I put in, and that means keeping motivated. I need to keep chipping away, and if I can’t ride because the ground is waterlogged, then I need to do something else productive.

I always love looking back at photos from a few years ago to see how far we have come and since I’ve worked out how to make collages I’ve uploaded this one. Top left, 2012 through to bottom right, 2015. Happy new year everyone!



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