Biomechanics lesson with Max

A great lesson with Max on Saturday morning. I MUST have more regular lessons with her as they are ridiculously beneficial. Saf is right shoulder dominant, so tends to fall to the right. In halt it was clear that she was slouched to the right (like how people lean to one side or the other when standing rather than standing on both feet equally). I’m still not remaining even through both sides of my body, and am allowing Saf to influence my position too much. I need to effectively set an example to her by remaining grounded equally and not letting her influence me. We did lots of work on this, focusing on keeping my weight evenly through both ankles.


I’ve also reverted to my default position with my lower leg (which is trying to push me into a chair seat) so spent much of the lesson with my hip flexors screaming at me as I pushed them back my lower legs stayed under me. As well at this, we also worked on my hands, or more specifically my elbows. Creating weight in my elbows and ensuring my hands are held equally apart and do not move back to turn. When Saf falls to the right (or less often to the left) this can usually be traced back to an error in my position, be it the equality in my two sides, either leg not being underneath me enough, or my elbows or hands being unequal.12000951_880165992098215_4634744399748987302_o


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