Getting somewhere…

Back to work for Saf this morning, we went through the usual arena excitement that happens when we haven’t ridden for a week (the fact that Saf was grazing in that very arena not 15 minutes earlier is neither here nor there!) Once we’d had a little canter to relieve any silliness we got some really nice work in walk on a 20m circle on a slightly longer rein (but not ‘free walk’ long) with me concentrating on keeping my elbows weighted and under control and keeping a close eye on what Saf’s shoulders are doing.

I’m also now focusing on the quality of the transitions (this is dead basic but something that never occurred to me until recently) so into trot and we managed to keep the soft, roundness without tensing up and had a lovely 20m circle trot, again without me creeping up the reins. A beautiful swinging, round, softly bent trot on each rein. So pleased, just wish I had a video camera running! I’m convinced that controlling the Saf’s shoulders is another one of these lightbulb moments, that never came on my radar before, but will unlock new doors. So exciting!


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