Knee mishap and online dressage success!

Had a mixed day on Tuesday, popped into the gym to sort out my membership with Andrew. After my lesson with Rui I’m determined to get fitter, been meaning to for ages but never got around to it. All keyed up to go to the gym after doing horses.

Then on to the yard to get the horses down for their annual jabs. I managed to get caught between Saf and Rosie when they were having an argument over breakfast and got kicked in the knee, which was a bit of a shock to say the least! Got the jabs done including trotting up both Rosie and Saf for the vet (Rosie has historic stifle problems and I just wanted the vets opinion on Saf – verdict: keep working her, there’s no soreness and work is the best thing for those older joints 🙂 ) Vet rather amused but sympathetic about my own extreme lameness and suggested euthanasia as there wasn’t anything he could do for me! 😉

Felt I’d earned a pub lunch after this trauma, then got my results back from this month’s Dressage Anywhere Prelim 17 (video below) 64.23%! Really pleased with this, was thinking about the 62% mark as we had much better inside bend than we’ve had at live competitions. Lots of 6.5’s for most of the work and 6’s for the canter. Looking forward to September’s comp which is Prelim 19.


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