Note to self: Use brain during dressage test situation!

First go at Prelim 15 on Saturday, can’t say I was too keen as between that and the other prelim on offer (can’t remember which one) P15 was the best of the two. Compared to P17 (last time) this seemed horrid! I’m still at the stage where I need time to think in between movements, and P17 allows this with changes of rein etc. P15 seemed to be one thing immediately after another with no thinking time.

Anyway, we started in the indoor warm-up, but realised that Saf seemed to be getting more stressed and distracted with other horses working in there. The short outdoor arena (where I’ve done most of my tests) is now also a warm-up so we headed over there. Empty, and Saf worked much better.


Went over to the long arena for the test and as I suspected I had no time to think during the test, so I went into standby mode and just steered her round. No incorrect bend, but a bit of a battle and didn’t feel like Saf was on-side. I did have a LOL moment when I got my sheet, judge’s comment: “Seemed rather ‘on a mission’ in canter today”. Haha! Made me smile anyway! 58.2ish, a different (more generous) judge than usual, felt like it was faaar worse than last time and not a mere 1.5% difference. Chalk it down to experience and try to keep at it in the hope I might somehow work out how to think whilst I’m actually doing the test rather than just steering.

Click here for lots more photos



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