Lesson time

Had a great lesson with our lovely Max on Saturday. The theme was circles and in particular controlling the shoulders and not letting Saf fall in. Over time I’ve developed an issue whereby I get so fixated on the inside of the circle, that I cause her to fall in on both reins (see my previous comp report). I turn my head too far to the inside, and my body follows inwards, so the whole energy is to the inside. No wonder Saf falls in.

I’m concentrating now on thinking and looking outside, ensuring there is room for Saf to move over so I’m not blocking her flow outwards. I need to get her shoulders aligned with her neck, flow her outwards, not let her lean on the inside rein, the slight inside bend is a lower priority and will come along with the circle when I get the shoulders aligned and flow out. The circle just appears itself and it most definitely is not about steering her head around the circle.

Hop that makes sense – lots to work on!



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