Another visit to Bluegate

On Saturday we went back to Bluegate, quite a crowd of us this time as we had additional company in Claire’s friend who cycled down with us (thanks for the support Emily!) It was a grim hack down in the rain, and we proceeded to get soaked all morning. Saf warmed up beautifully and I really enjoyed riding her. Straight to work and attentive, complete opposite of this time last year.


Sadly this didn’t copy over to the actual test, as I went tense again and our bend went a bit wonky. I asked a bit too much in the free walk and we got a jog at the end (my mistake, that’s not happened for years). I’m sure that’s what pushed my score lower than last time as it’s worth double marks. Still, back on the 4th (I’m a glutton for punishment, lucky I don’t mind coming last haha!) but in the long arena to do P17 (which looks like a nice test). Chip chip chip away, we’ll get there in the end 🙂


1972459_829670090481139_1545935882991541462_n What’s this ‘bend’ thing all about then?


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