Twice in one day!?

Busy day yesterday, Saf and Mist went for a lovely 5 mile hack with friends – lots of gallopy gallopy… I know I keep going on about it, but I can’t get over how well Saf is getting on barefoot. Some of those field tracks are quite stony – she made her way carefully over the stones, but didn’t slow down at all, just marched on.


Back to the yard and off to the co-op to grab a sandwich as we were ravanous by now. Got 3 bales of hay on the way back. I badly needed to school Saf as all i’ve been doing in my time off was hack! So Saf came back out the field after a few hours rest and got tacked up again.

She was a total star, warmed up and got straight to work. Some suppling work working low and round, super chilled but bouncy and rhythmical. Did a little more work on shoulder in in walk then finished with some trot/walk/trot transitions which we needed to polish for the test next week. Love her she did it perfectly, the key is to try to replicate it on the day!




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