Bluegate schooling

So today we took a hack to Bluegate to hire the arena. The weather was 100% better than the last time (let’s face it, it couldn’t have been much worse!) In stark contrast to last time, Saf was chilled within 5-10 minutes and knuckled straight down to work. I was so proud of her. We warmed up and worked on some large trot and canter circles, working on correct bend and letting Saf find her own balance on the canter circles.

We then ran through P14, which I’m doing next weekend. Thankfully I’ve not forgotten it from last year. I was particularly pleased with the walk and canter work. Saf seems to get quite tense in the trot, even though it’s the gait that comes most naturally to her. Irritatingly, even though both Saf and I were relaxed before we started, as soon as we went down the centreline in trot, Saf’s head came up and she locked her neck. It wasn’t until we got to the first canter that she relaxed. Not sure why this is happening as I thought I was relaxed (ok I was concentrating on remembering the test) and Saf didn’t know we were rehearsing a test. I must have been a subtle tension that I was passing on to her. So annoying! I need to think of a simple and fast relaxing technique for before the bell rings…

To finish, we practiced to walk / halt, then trot / halt transitions. Well done Saf, so nice to ride her feeling this chilled in a place away from home, photos here:


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