Before & After

We do love a good before and after photo. I was looking to see if there was any difference in Saf’s canter, but actually spotted a rather dramatic position change. As you can see in the photo from two years ago, I used to tip forwards in canter quite noticeably, and let my reins go slack. This was most likely due to my non-existent core strength, it was just easier to lean forward. Had I tried to sit back, I would have needed to use my weak core to stop myself getting left behind. Instead I got into a kind of gallop position, which explains why Saf was so on the forehand, and fast – I was telling her to without realising!

To me, this is proof of the benefits of Pilates. All those weekly sessions for just over a year have paid dividends! Talking of Pilates, we’re both off for our Monday evening session tonight.



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