Finally, a manège!

You may remember a few months ago we found that we could hire the long arena at Bluegate. We patiently waited for better weather to come before we dared brave the hour’s hack there. Naturally once I booked the arena for 11am on Saturday, despite the forecast it decided to absolutely pour down along with gales starting dead on 10am. Claire (riding the bike) and I were completely drenched. Saf, preferring to live out all the time, wasn’t bothered, and wore her waterproof sheet anyway.

Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best frame of mind on arrival. I tried to concentrate but Saf was very wild. A combination of the gales and being in a different arena. We plodded on regardless, trying various techniques to try to chill her out.

After about half an hour, we managed to turn things around. I started to dry out at least which made me feel better, and Saf was concentrating more. We finished with some canter work, which is what I wanted to work on in the arena. Saf is just about getting the hang of cantering. I worry about our grass arena being unlevel in places, and tend to let Saf get strung out. I used the opportunity to ask for a little more roundness in the canter, without having to worry about the surface. The result was great, and Saf’s canter felt so much better. Rubbish transition in the vid, and still too fast, but hopefully this is a turning point.



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