Rope Halter Training

Tried out Saf’s new rope halter tonight. She’s extremely dominent and strong willed and has it in her head that she’s not going to leave the yard alone. She’s also very clever so i hoped she would catch on to this pressure and release system fairly quickly. So, going out is an uphill battle and coming back she’s practically dragging me home. This all relates to our loading problems as well.

I was so pleased with how it went. This idea is to put some pressure on and don’t release until you get that step forward. You need to have split second timing and release the pressure at the right moment. She knows every trick in the book so seeing her genuinely outfoxed by this simple halter was amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t exactly marching out the gate but it was much easier. On the way back she walked calmly on a loose rope and stopped the moment i did and walked as slowly as i wanted. Very impressed! – Emma



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