Freestyle plans

It’s been a good weekend – Saturday, Emma continued with her BHS PTT training course, and Claire came along as an extra rider for everyone to practice ‘coaching’. Never one to pass up an opportunity to ride different horses, Claire was game. She might reconsider after having to trot for the best part of 1.5 hours! Just need to find some guinea pigs to practice on at home now.

With Claire striding around the yard like John Wayne, Emma and Saf had a little schooling sesh on Sunday.

We had a run through the freestyle floorplan to check timing, which was ok, so I can go back, adjust it a bit and re-shoot. I won’t humiliate myself by posting the video, as Saf is yet to realise that the aids for medium trot are not canter, and love her, she’s never done counter canter before so we have a lot to work on.

Everyone else had some TLC and pampering at the yard. If next weekend is spring-like we might clip out Saf and start tidying her up. Mist also needs to start gently coming back into schooling work and we will see how she’s goes and maybe go out and do some unaffs locally. Due to the PTT course, Emma will be busy on Saturdays until early May, so no BD for Saf until then. In the meantime, we’ll start doing Dressage Anywhere at home.


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