Back to business

Super Saf got straight down to business today, after our ‘joke’ schooling sesh last weekend. She did attempt to start off in a loopy fashion, as Claire let us into the arena she went to launch off to do the wall of death – managed to nip that in the bud and she knuckled down immediately.

Bearing in mind she’s had 3 month’s holiday, she was amazing and hasn’t forgotten anything! I do like them to have a nice long break, Saf always comes back raring to go. We did lots of stretching in walk and trot, then had a little canter on a 20m circle. The transition was shocking and rushed, but I persevered and we had a gorgeous chilled canter which felt like it could go on forever. No photos of that part, just the rushed transition, but some nice hindleg action in those pix!

Things to concentrate on, stop bloody leaning forward in the canter depart, I’m so annoyed with myself and it’s not helping the transition one jot!

So pleased with my chilled girl!



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