Season Round-Up

It’s that time of the year again, the ponies are having their winter holiday – just hacking at weekends when we can, little if any schooling due to the grass arena not being in any fit state to be ridden in.

I can’t believe what we’ve achieved just this year. I’d never ridden at an affiliated competition until 2014, let alone gone back time and time again and had an improvement in marks. We started on 55.2%, and gradually increased this over about 5 competitions to 61.45% at our last with 62.5% being a personal best. Saf has been a superstar and just got more and more relaxed each time – tension being a big obstacle. I’m quite cross with winter getting in the way of our progress! I’ve also had regular lessons with my classical instructor Max @ Straight Forward Equitation, and a couple of lessons with Portuguese trainer Rui Campeão for variety and a different perspective.

We’ve overcome a large obstacle in not having our own transport, by hacking to Bluegate, our local BD venue which has worked really well.

Claire and Misty Moo have also taken part in their first ever ‘live’ dressage competition, and it was so nice for me to be on the other side of the fence rather than riding! If we can sort out transport issues next year, I’d love for them to do a few unaffiliated comps at local venues (we have a number of very nearby venues, but just too far to hack). Claire is also going to be saving like mad over the winter, so fingers crossed she can get the lump sum together to get a youngster in Spring 2015.

In terms of plans over the winter, the girlies have a well-earned break. I’ll probably start Saf back up with schooling in February, and we’ll continue to hack and have fun over the winter. This is also a useful time of year for us to do different things. We’d love to have another lesson on the riding simulator, and possibly a schoolmaster lesson as well. If we manage to beg / steal / borrow an arena with a ‘proper’ surface, we may do a bit of schooling over the winter.

Thank you once again to all our wonderful followers. We’ll try to keep things interesting and entertaining over the long winter months.


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