Position improvements – before and after!

Really wanted to share with you guys some amazing (I think!) photos I dug out of my laptop. My trainer, Max, said that she thought my leg position had come a huge way from when I first started lessons with her in spring 2013. So I spent a productive evening scouring my laptop, and low and behold I found some quite interesting photos of my legs and hips in some strange positions. The ‘after’ pix were all taken from video stills from my lesson last weekend, so poor quality but I think they highlight the difference well.

If you look at the walk before pic, you can just see that I am tilting forwards at the hip, my psoas muscles are tight which is constantly pulling my thigh up towards my stomach. Heel forced down (as I thought this was ‘correct’) which of course is quite uncomfortable!

In the trot before pic the difference is even more noticeable. Again, tipped forward, very hollow back, hands too low and legs and hips again. But I think Saf makes the picture in this one, what a difference in her way of going! I just love before and after photos.

10696321_666021810179302_3685090318675901802_n        10712910_666022536845896_2561525484037444383_n


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