5th BD

Bit of an ‘interesting’ one this time! We were a little late arriving due to a slight plaiting issue, namely, we couldn’t get them right and kept having to take them out and put back in again. Anyway, we arrived and happily had the warm-up all to ourselves. I was fairly happy with how she warmed-up, so we headed for the arena. Straight away we had a lot of tension and general excitability. She pretty much got on with the job and did everything I asked, she just felt like she had far too much energy and I struggled to keep it under wraps. Needless to say, after 4 1/2 minutes in that arena with her I felt like I’d had a serious workout! I wasn’t sure how it looked to the judge!

Anyway, scores came in, bear in mind that this is our usual judge who has previously scored us 55.2 / 55.2 / 59.16 in that order. This one: 61.45% – very pleased as we really wanted to crack the elusive 60% barrier with this judge and it’s so nice to see the marks gradually going up It wasn’t until afterwards that sis and I realised that Saf had done 3 rather green poos (sorry TMI) over the course of that morning. She’d been escaping into the rested field at home over the last week and the grass really has been growing. I imagine that the reason for all the hyperactivity was the lush grass!

Not really any pix this time around, but vid of the test here if you have any thoughts: https://youtu.be/3x7_aknHouk

With the benefit of hindsight and having seen the vid a few times I feel much better for it. Afterwards I felt quite disappointed as it really felt like Saf was tanking off in the canter, but the vid doesn’t look too bad. I got very tense myself as this week I’ve been really sore in my back, neck and shoulders. I need to learn to relax!


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