Fergus the Schoolmaster

Spent a lovely (but boiling!) morning at Upperlochton Fergus – The Hot Blooded Highland Towers having a play with the famous Fergus. Phil is very generous to let us have an amateurish play with Fergs every now and then. It provides a fantastic opportunity to ride a beautifully schooled ponio – if you’re like us and have a very basic-schooled horse, or maybe riding school horses (equally basic schooling) you’ll appreciate how difficult it is to know how something is supposed to feel. It’s difficult to describe, but when you’re trying to improve your own horse or pony, and they don’t know what they’re doing and neither do you, trying to work it out between the two of you is difficult. When you

sit on a schoolmaster, providing you have help finding the right ‘buttons’, you have an opportunity to feel the various movements. Thanks again Phil and Fergus!


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