Goal Setting

I’m just thinking aloud, if you’ll indulge me. Having chatted with Phil ( Upperlochton Fergus – The Hot Blooded Highland ) who has helped to focus my aims, I’m trying to put together a few short to medium term goals. The whole point of this page, is to demonstrate that the everyday rider, with the everyday horse or pony, can have go at dressage, enjoy it, and improve. Due to both Saf and Moo’s ages, I’m not sure we’ll be able concentrate on long term goals (they’re both pensioners as it is!) but we can work on a series of short terms ones and see how we get on.

For Saf, all the time she is enjoying work, and she’s showing no signs of wanting to stop, I’m really want to get her out to as many shows as possible. She’s a very late starter, and although has hacking experience by the barrow-load, has some large gaps in her other life experiences including shows. There was a noticeable change between the first and second shows at Bluegate recently, she was definitely calmer the second time. I have also said that the day we post 60%+ at BD prelim I’ll be ecstatic, so that’s another medium term goal.

Some things to think about there, when we think of some for Moo I’ll post again, but certainly this year we’d love to crack 60% on Dressage Anywhere with her.


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