First lesson of the year

We had a lesson each on Saturday, which was fab, but boy are we feeling it today! Emma was first up, Max was happier that I sorted out my rather hollow lower back, and after a lot of work, have managed to release it a bit and make it less hollow. She also pointed out that Saf is more uphill in her walk. So with that in mind, we moved onto the next issue! I need to now concentrate on rotating my legs, from the hip, inwards, which sounds straightforward in principle, but trust me, it isn’t!

We also talked about our counter-bend problems and realised that my inside leg has a naughty habit of moving behind the girth when on a circle (my brain telling me I need to push the hindquarters over when it should be controlling the shoulders). I’m also trying to co-ordinate my shoulders so my inside shoulder comes back on the circle and the outside one is slightly forward. Trying to make a conscious effort to do this, and keep my damned inside leg on the girth, when it wants to follow the inside shoulder back is a challenge to say the least for someone as uncoordinated at I!

Thankfully there were a few glimmers of hope when I managed to get my shoulders, legs, hands and brain working together for a few seconds at least! Saf rewarded me with some lovely inside bend for a few moments, which at least provided a light at the end of an impossible tunnel!


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