Riding Simulator

Well where do we start…absolutely brilliant afternoon on the riding simulator ‘Strider’, a first for us and a great experience strongly recommended for those who wish to see how wonky or not so wonky you are! We were made to feel very welcome by our coach, Becky Chapman. We got straight down to business, I was coerced into going first being the elder sister (!)

The first walk (each ‘session’ lasted approximately 1 minute) was to be the benchmark, and I was to ride as I normally would. I wasn’t too surprised to find I was slightly in front of the optimum, it wasn’t a case of being in front of the vertical, rather the small of my back was a bit too hollow, and I needed to round it slightly, and close my front, as I knew from my lessons with Max. So at least we were on the right track. The other issue was that I had slightly more weight on my left seatbone. This was a surprise, as I was sure I was sitting evenly! On closer inspection, it was clear thanks to the mirrors, that my left hip was lower. Becky had me putting (was felt like) lots more weight in my right seatbone and sure enough the computer readout put me pretty damn central. So lots to think about. Interesting my canter left was fine (which is Saf’s better side), and my canter right caused me to put more weight in my left seatbone! Something I can really work on at home.


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